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The Executive Toolbox is a resource site brought to you through the partnership of your local California printing and graphic arts associations.
The Executive Toolbox is California’s print and graphics firms’ best resource for fast, accurate, and thoroughly vetted management tools. From templates to checklists and every guideline in between, we have developed prize-worthy resources you need so you can focus on your business. You need HR Handbooks, safety tips, tax codes, and compliance materials and information. No worries, we make finding the information and resources that make your business tick less burdensome so you can focus on clients and cash.

Who are the masterminds of this content? You can call us PIC (Printing Industries of California), but we also go solo as Printing Industries Association of San Diego and Visual Media Alliance. We collaborate on issues together when we need to bring the CA power. Think legislative, OSHA, and when and wherever we want to dream big for California's graphic arts industry. It matters. And so do you! That’s why we have friends in the right places. It takes years to cultivate and we have over 35 years walking the steps of justice. We’ve done the work for you. So together we can create a thriving graphic arts industry in California!
Visual Media Alliance (VMA)
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Printing Industries of Southern California (PIASC)
5800 South Eastern Ave., Ste. 400 Los Angeles, CA 90040
Executive Toolbox is a collaborative resource website providing members of the graphic arts industry in California with information, tools, and other material on regulatory compliance, trends in industry, and governmental advocacy. It is owned by Printing Industries Association of San Diego (PIASD) and Visual Media Alliance (VMA).

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